Does this sound familiar?

Keeping up with the constant changes in social media is nearly impossible
— Small Business Owner
Social media doesn’t generate any leads for my business. I don’t think it can.
— Anonymous
I want to engage with my current customers and also reach new customers. I just don’t know how.
— Entrepreneur
It’s all ‘pay to play’ now on social media sites and I don’t want to play.
— Anonymous

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Sign up for one of our free 15-minute "Pick My Brain" sessions. Owning a business can be lonely and if you don't have anyone to bounce ideas off of it can be the difference between taking action or holding back. Bounce your ideas off us for your next marketing push or ask us questions about anything having to do with local marketing. 

We can help.

Our team is family and we're not just saying that - we really are family! Each of us brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table and working together makes us happy.  We're committed to using our talents to help other small business owners succeed. 

Let's face it, social media is here to stay. While it does add a great deal of value to our lives, it can be overwhelming - especially for a small business owner trying to figure out how social media practices can benefit their business. Since much of the available information about local marketing strategies seem outdated or have nothing to do with actual local businesses, we feel compelled to work with you the way we wish someone had been there to work with us along the way. 

Our approach is honest and we'll take your business as personally as we do our own. We promise not to compromise quality for time because we know that every penny and every minute can have a big impact on your business. Our team will work to maximize your budget and help you get the results you desire. 

We've done the research and we'll continue to research best practices for local small business marketing. We have experience putting social media marketing strategies in place and we continue to see tangible results. Now we're ready to work with you - let us help you design and execute a plan that makes sense for your business and your budget.


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our services


Social Media Ad Package

Have no interest in learning how to run ads but you know you want and need to start running social media ads.  We’ll do all the work for you with the Social Media Ad Package.  Pricing is based on a per campaign basis within each social network.  You choose what event, special, or service you want to focus on for the social media ad and we will go through the graphic creation process, campaign creation process including writing the ad copy, creating the target audiences, and scheduling the run time for the ads.  You have control of how much is spent for each campaign (daily budget or lifetime budget).  

"Pick Our Brain" Session

Often as a small business owner, you just don’t have time to connect with other small business owners, yet the opportunities you do have to talk and share information between fellow owners is invigorating.  Let’s make that feeling happen for you during our “Pick My Brain” sessions.  You can set the focus of the conversation such as Facebook Ad targeting or you can let the conversation flow.  If you're located in and around Southeast Michigan, sessions may take place in a location of your choosing whether you’re most comfortable at your own business or you know you need to get out because you’ll be interrupted repeatedly if you don’t leave.  Sessions can also take place via skype or phone if making time in person is challenging as well.


Social Media Tune Up

If you’ve been operating on social media networks for awhile but you’re wondering what you could do better or what needs to change, we’ll evaluate any or all of your social media accounts and provide recommendations for changes or ask us to change them for you.  Review areas include content review, content suggestions, hastags, new bios, and overarching social media strategies.


Social Media Channel Launch

Expand your social media presence to a channel you haven’t yet dove into but feel your target market is there and you’re prepared for the added engagement.  We will set-up the account, create the necessary profile images, bios, hashtags, etc. to make sure you get off on the right foot in your new network.

Knowledge Transfer

know just enough to be dangerous

Are you interested in running your own social media ads but you aren’t sure where to get started? Our “Knowledge Transfer” option provides a one-on-one learning experience between our Around the Corner Media staff and yourself. We will sit with you at your computer and walk through the steps of creating your first social media ad.  Through the Knowledge Transfer process you can ask all the questions that have been keeping you up at night so that you can feel confident creating your own campaign next time.  Worried you won’t be able to do it alone the next time? We’ll answer any questions or concerns you have for one month following our knowledge transfer sessions.  Depending on the first social media ad you want to run we’ll lay out a plan for how long the knowledge transfer process will take.

Social Media


Social media cover photo

A quick and easy facelift for any social network. Put your best foot forward.


social media ad graphic

Ad graphic creation from existing photograph you have or stock photography with relevant text overlays in format ready for immediate use.


Social media ad Campaign creation • Does not include graphic creation

Ad campaign set-up including ad copy, campaign creation, ad set targeting and scheduling in social media platform.  


SOCIAL MEDIA contest creation

Social media contests offer opportunity for customer engagement or customer leads. Includes content creation on appropriate service platforms and one contest social media post.

Email Marketing


Email List Creation

An email list is a low-cost direct path to your customers. Includes set-up in email service provider of your choosing such as MailChimp and sign-up form creation.


EMAIL Newsletter template

Achieve consistent messaging with an email newsletter template that matches your brand.

Print Media

Aspects of print media will continue to have value in specific applications. Postcards, mailers, posters, in-store print media, print ads, etc. Prices depend on size of item and audience.


Starting at $100

social media photography

Images that capture your brand and what you offer are critical to success on social media.  Work with our photographer who is familiar with what stands out in social media ad photographs. Sessions start at 2 hours but can be extended to multiple days and longer time periods.


Starting at $80

video ads

Every platform offers video ads including YouTube. Includes video creation (cost depends on length of video which is often dependent on platform), campaign creation and ad targeting.

Text or SMS Marketing

Most people have their phones in arms reach at all times.  Maximize your current text messaging service if you have one or get one started.